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The Gift Of Life

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I have been fighting a form of kidney disease called FSGS since 2012. After 6 years of fighting the disease unsuccessfully, my kidneys have failed and I started dialysis. Dialysis is temporary so I need to find a living donor. I have so much to live for. I have a blood type (0+) however "matching" is not mandatory. A person with another blood type could also donate through the kidney swap program at the hospital. 

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It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference





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Home: Our Causes

Some of the benefits of being a living donor:

Giving a life back to someone makes it possible for them to pay it forward and live a productive life.

Peace of mind that living kidney donors thrive with one kidney, just as they did with two kidneys.

Warranty for Life – all hero kidney donors go to the very top of the list if they ever were to need a kidney themselves.

The recipient will cover all of your expenses including lost wages, travel expenses, child care, medical expenses, etc.

Medical coverage for kidney-related health needs – foR LIFE

What is A Kidney Swap

A kidney exchange is an innovative twist on efforts aimed at increasing the donor pool by giving people who are unable to receive a kidney from a loved one or friend the opportunity to still receive a kidney through an exchange between incompatible donor-recipient pairs. In other words even if you are not a matching blood type you could be my donor.

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